the Artworks

A Decaying Bird


作家名 : Marina Yamazoe


I was bird watching with my son - looking for a certain blue bird. One day, when I cleaned an unused room, the blue bird I was desperately looking for was lying quietly.
It was so close, it's decay was so beautiful... Living things will die someday. I decided to make it into an artwork so that I wouldn't forget the important things.
Polymer clay has a lot of charms such as being able to be combined with various materials, being able to express infinitely with textures, and being able to be baked many times.
I wanted the work to have a beautiful and cute atmosphere as a whole, but I wanted it to have an image of "decaying" somewhere, so I made the tail part with charcoal in mind.
Speaking of polymer clay, big feathers! With a polymer clay cane technique. Designed by Masako Inabe, supervised by Studio Ai. I think I was able to express beautiful feathers well with the contrast of blue and gold.
The feather part is premo. Because it has moderate elasticity, it did not break and could be baked many times.