the Artworks

Good Friends


作家名 : Maiko Hagihara


"A duo of friends, a bear, Koguma, and Mouse who are always together will meet at their favorite place in the forest today. A relaxing and enjoyable time will flow while chewing on the apples picked along the way…
I have expressed the fun times of Koguma and Mouse in a miniature sized world. Except for the ground and swamp water, everything is made of polymer clay (only the ivy leaves on the trunk of the tree and the ladybug are made of resin clay that hardens by natural drying). The hardest part was the ""trees"". It took time to attach the thinly stretched polymer clay to the wire to make a branch, and then stab it into the trunk to shape it. For the leaves, I attached some green clay to the tip of the branch and scratched it with a work tool and baked it. After that, liquid clay (liquid sculpey) was applied to coat it, and after firing, oil paint was applied to express the lush foliage. In addition to the main characters, Koguma and Mouse, various creatures such as turtles, dragonflies, fish, and owls that quietly perch on trees have also appeared. I was particular about their small size, such as about 7 mm in the dragonfly. Although I had some difficulties, I was able to enjoy making it by taking advantage of the characteristics of polymer clay, which allows small detailed work. I always create artworks aiming for a gentle world view like one page of a picture book. I hope the people who see the work will smile.
*The ground is made using colored powder and colored sponge similar to that used for making model train dioramas. In addition, the water of the swamp is resin.